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Welcome to my World!

Hello, I’m Karla. I’ve been working as a professional Wedding Planner and designer for more than a decade. I love creating lasting memories of people’s special day.  I love and enjoy creating memorable events. You need to know that I love what I do, and with who I do it. My job is to create extraordinary experiences.

I believe that wedding planning and event design is collaboration at all levels. You invite me into your lives, and I become the custodian of your future memories.

The first step is to know you and feel you. From there, we will begin to talk through the creation of your experience. What do you want the event to look like, to feel like? We start with sweeping gestures; seasonality, the time of day, possible locations. Next, I apply a sensory approach as we begin to explore the colors, textures, sounds, and smells that you want to be featured. Slowly, these elements come together to create an immersive experience that can only be described as utterly you.

The environment we create together is the most important thing. We live in a visual society. What your space looks like matters. The things people will see and hear, touch, and taste matter! This is where we will start, and where we will spend the bulk of our time.

Contact me, so we can create an event beyond your most wonderful visions!

Text me: 801-592-8010

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people sitting on forest
people sitting on forest

Hello!! My name is Ceceli! I am Karla's right hand man through this whole wonderful planning process!

I'm here to help and make you and your guests enjoy the Big Day!

It may seem silly or even a little trite, but I truly believe in Magic; and Magic happens when we create something that never existed before, I will never do the same design in two events. I know for sure that everything is possible.

Your event is the most important event for me, that's why I only take two events per month, so you can be sure that I am completely focused on your event. We don't have time for creations without soul, that's why we will surround your event with partners that love what they do as much as we do.

Hello! my name Is Jade, I am Karlas weeding planner Assistant. I am here to help you get ready for your BIG DAY! Enjoy and have fun with the process, I GOTCHU GIRL!